About Us

Manufacturer's Representative

Our Company Value

Founded in 1970—White & Hodge Company is one of the leading sales organizations in the Southeast, specializing in the selling and marketing of foodservice, janitorial, processor, and retail packaging products.

With an uncompromising commitment to quality partnerships, White & Hodge Company creates a unique synergistic value between manufacturers, re-distributors, distributors, and end-users. Our service, value, and experience allow us to build and nurture relationships throughout the supply chain, producing superior sales results.

Our History

Over 50 years ago, Buddy White and Ed Hodge defined a long-term vision to create a sales organization devoted to the pursuit of excellence. The White & Hodge Company approach to representing and selling on behalf of quality manufacturers through diligent, resourceful, and customer-driven sales and marketing strategies is the legacy of these industry icons.

As the next generation continues to advance the company, the continuity of excellence remains a top-line strategy of President Keith White.

Our Mission

Our mission at White & Hodge Company is to maintain a legacy of quality partnerships with our manufacturers, re-distributors, distributors, end users, and operators by bringing value, commitment, and excellence to the processes of sourcing solutions and supply chain management throughout the foodservice industry.