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Over 30 years of top customer service!

  • Sonnys BBQ
    Featured Client for the month of August

    Sonny's purchases paper goods, cleaning supplies, and foil wrapping items.

  • Teds Montana Grill
    Featured Client for the month of August

    Teds purchases styrofoam cups, bowls, and takeout containers.

  • Outback Steakhouse
    Featured Client for the month of August

    Outback purchases styrofoam takeout packaging, cleaning supplies, cups, bowls, napkins, and takeout silverware.

  • Chilis Restaurant
    Featured Client for the month of August

    Chilis purchases takeout packaging, paper goods, styrofoam packaging, foil wrapping supplies, and cleaning supplies.

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  • Zaxby’s Restaurant
    Featured Client for the month of August

    Zaxby's purchases styrofoam packaging items and all carryout items.

  • Krystal Restaurants
    Featured Client for the month of August

    Krystal purchases paper goods, cups, and cleaning supplies.

  • Hooters Restaurant
    Featured Client for the month of August

    Hooters purchases a full line of styrofoam containers and packaging.

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White & Hodge Company – Founded August 1, 1970

Our Company History – Founded August 1, 1970, White & Hodge Company is one of the leading sales organizations in the United States specializing in the selling and marketing of foodservice, janitorial, processor, and retail packaging products.

With uncompromisingcommitment to quality partnerships, White & Hodge Company creates a unique synergistic value between manufacturers, re-distributors, distributors, and end-users. Our service, value, and experience allow us to build and nurture the relationships throughout the supply chain producing superior long term sales results.


Legacy Of Experience

Over 40 years ago Buddy White and Ed Hodge defined a long term vision to create a sales organization devoted to the pursuit of excellence. The White & Hodge Company approach to representing and selling on behalf of quality manufacturers through focused, decisive, and thorough sales and marketing strategies is the legacy of these industry icons.

Getting The Job Done 

White & Hodge Company represents the finest quality manufacturers and supports the largest platform of distribution in the foodservice, janitorial, processor, and retail packaging markets. We sell, source, support, and market throughout all of our partnerships.

As the next generation continues to define the company, the continuity of excellence remains a top line strategy.

White & Hodge Company statistics keep the organization solid and energized:

  • 19 Highly Skilled Sales Representatives
  • 8 Extremely Knowledgeable Customer Service Personnel
  • Quality Principles who are leader in their respective categories
  • 5,000 Square Foot Corporate Headquarters
  • 9 State Coverage Area
  • 200 Years of Combined Selling Experience
  • 30 Awards Of Excellence
  • EDI capability and continuous improvement in IT

Primary Market Areas 

  • Institutional Foodservice Distributors
  • Janitorial Supply Distributors
  • Wholesale Grocers
  • Paper Distributors
  • Industrial Packaging Distributors
  • Convenience Store Distributors
  • National & Regional Grocery Store Chains
  • National & Regional Restaurant Chains
  • National & Regional Convenience Store Chains
  • Retail Packaging Accounts
  • Health Care / Hospital Accounts
  • Contract Feeders
  • Contract Cleaners
  • Commercial Food Packers